Blog: As the Wheel Turns

Getting Down and Dirty with Clay

After years and years of performing a ritual inner monologue on musings about clay and life in general, I have finally decided to begin writing a blog in the hope of creating a dialogue with other like-minded people, who may not necessarily be in the business of clay or art at all. Clay is one of those mediums you either love or hate. Some people, believe it or not, do not like to get their hands (or clothes) too dirty. For these people, clay is a no go zone, you will get dirty, so will your clothes and other things around you. Constant cleaning is the name of the game. Working with clay is like working in the garden. No matter how hard you try to be neat and clean, that dirt ends up everywhere-on your face, shoes, apron, shirt, legs, pants and even in your hair.  At the end of the day the happiness that is felt is deeply satisfying.

It is the joy of feeling like a child again that brings a person back to the process time and time again, be it clay or gardening. In spite of the dreaded messiness of clay, hundreds of thousands of people choose to pursue the practice of clay art either as a profession or hobby. When touching the clay, almost all clay aficionados will say that there is a deep connection they feel with the earth and all clay artists both ancient and contemporary.

Getting down and dirty with clay on a regular basis, promotes physical and emotional well-being and in some cases, livelihood. There are clay studios everywhere that enable the individual to do just that. This entry is an introduction of things to come: more clay talk, wonderings about the creative process and  oh yes, a recent journey I went on with the Potter's Council to Tuscany and La Meridiana International Ceramic School . So stay tuned for more clay talk and walk through Ceramics in Tuscany.  Ciao Tutti!